The Company you Keep: Celebrating Immigrant Differences

In the ex-pat community you often hear people say that to have a true local experience you shouldn’t hang out with other immigrants, particularly your own kind (Americans if you’re American, the French if you’re from Paris, etc.). “Buswah”, I … Continue reading

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Foreign & Domestic: Expat Loyalty & The European Union

Shortly after moving to Dublin, as I started to learn more about the EU, I began to hear locals speak of the U.S. and its Federal Reserve banking system in lofty terms. It seems that out here on the fringes … Continue reading

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Voting In Ireland: An Expat’s Guide To Elections and Local Politics

For many immigrants the ability to vote is a personal symbol that they’ve “made it” and been accepted in their new home, or are considered to be a responsible member of society, capable of making decisions about the social direction … Continue reading

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People Of Faith: The Real Irish Religion

With stores jammed with chocolate bunnies and half of Ireland packed into the off-license the day before the “End Times” (the nationwide Good Friday moratorium on alcohol), religion has been on my mind a bit this week. With visions of … Continue reading

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Expat Or Immigrant: What’s In a Name

Recent articles in The Guardian the Wall Street Journal’s “Expat” blog have discussed the racial implications of certain migrants being called “expats”, while others are labeled “immigrants”. That got me thinking. And that’s always a dangerous thing….   Yes, “expat” … Continue reading

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Learning the Language: Social Context Clues For Expats

One of the first things my wife and I noticed when we arrived in Dublin was that being American (or presumably from anywhere else) was kind of a mixed bag of good and bad. On the one hand, as long … Continue reading

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InterNations: A Useful Resource For Expats, Emigrants, & Immigrants

Apologies in advance for the shameless self-promotion, but for those of you who didn’t see it on the Facebook page, I wanted to let y’all know that An American in Dublin was recently profiled on InterNations, a terrific web-based resource … Continue reading

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The Land Of All Things: For Expats There Is No “Perfect” Place

For those of us who like to travel, and have long wanted to live overseas, we often imagine that there’s some country/place out there, some golden, shining bastion of goodness that will cure everything, and be our “perfect” place. Sadly … Continue reading

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Expat Ambassadors: How Migrants Answer For Their Home Countries

Given recent events, I’ve found myself watching from afar and wondering if we migrants (immigrants and emigrants) will ever be free of national accountability. Will there come a time when we won’t be called on to explain the actions (“right”, … Continue reading

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Vagabondage: Moving Abroad & Travel Lust

We like to joke that, “The best part of living in Europe is: you’re close to the rest of Europe.” That’s our cute little, hopelessly self-absorbed, First World privilege way of saying “we love to travel. Ask us where we’ve … Continue reading

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